Mammal communities in Europe are changing, ungulates and carnivores are on the rise and this leads to increased interactions between wildlife and humans and the need for science-based conservation and wildlife management. As an animal ecologist, I am especially interested in interactions between mammal species, their environment and human-wildlife interactions. I study interactions between species in space and time, and relate (relative) abundance of animals to crop damage, zoonotic-disease risk and other human-wildlife conflicts.

I am interested in how humans affect animals and how animals affect humans with increasing urbanisation. Recently, I started collaborating with social scientists trying to better understand how people experience wildlife and how this influences human-wildlife interactions. Also, by involving non-professionals in my research projects, I hope to use technology and science to let people experience nature.

Currently, I have three (sometimes intertwining) lines of research in which I run several projects (click on the links for more info):

  1. The use of technology and citizen science to study wildlife communities
  2. Wildlife communities and One health
  3. Small carnivore ecology

Collaboration and MSc thesis projects

If you are an MSc student and interested in any of the research topics described above, you can always contact me to see if there are any possibilities for you to come to Umeå to do an MSc thesis project. I am also open to all kinds of other collaborations based on the topics described above or elsewhere on this website.