Photo of the Month November 2013

Photo of the Month November 2013
Photo of the Month November 2013


It has been rather silent on my website lately, which is mainly because I have been very busy with all kinds of stuff, but not with my website or photography. At the moment I am assisting in a course at the University, I am working on my first publication and I am very busy with giving a new impuls to the Dutch Small Marten Working Group (see Fortunately, I did go to Terschelling during the first weekend of October to enjoy some good company, birds, sea and wind. The picture above was taken just after sunrise on the Sunday at the Wadden sea coast. The only thing that pierced the silence were the many birds feeding on the mudflat.

I have some ideas to increase the amount of updates on my site, and the amount of posts on research and photography, so watch this space the coming months!

Canon 5DmIII, 17mm, 1/400 @ f/13, iso 200

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