Dawn at the Jufferswaard
Dawn at the Jufferswaard
Canon 5DmIII, 23mm, 25s @ f/16, iso 400, 0.9 ND grad, tripod, cable release

Finally winter is back in the Netherlands with subzero temperatures during the night. To celebrate this, I set the alarm at a time when it was still properly dark, and put on as many clothes as I could to cycle to a nearby Nature reserve. I was hoping for a nice sunrise with some fog, as the sky had been clear all night. Unfortunately, there was not a bit of fog in sight when I arrived at the Jufferswaard to take some pictures of the frozen water and hoar frost. There were also no clouds, so I minimized the amount of sky in the frame and took al my pictures before sunrise, as after sunrise the light quickly became to harsh and I could go home again.

When I arrived at my bike, the hoar frost had taken my bike and transformed it into an icicle. Luckily it still functioned and I was back home right in time for breakfast and a warm cup of coffee.

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