Welcome to my website. Here, you can find information about my current and past research, as well as some of my hobbies. On the news page you can find short posts with updates or media stories.

I am an animal ecologist interested in human-wildlife conflict in the broadest sense (including crop damage, zoonotic diseases, and traffic accidents). I study how people affect animals and how animals affect humans and how increasing urbanisation is changing this interaction. Currently, I work as a researcher at the department of Wildlife, Fish, and Environmental studies of the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Umeå, and I am involved in the work of the Dutch Small Mustelid Foundation.

Next to being a scientist, I am a musician in two folk bands, I like to dance, read, and write, and I take the occasional photograph.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact me.


Tim R. Hofmeester